Tuesday, August 25, 2009

OH THE PACKING....... and repacking

So I'm calling Mary to see what she has put into her bag.  She's at a standstill as I am.  But at least she has her passport, complete with extra pages, but needs to find her tickets.
"Tickets?"  I say.  "Mine are electronic."
"No" she says, "The intra-Africa tickets they mailed us back in March"
"HUH???" I utter, "I didn't get no stinkin' tickets"
"Yea, you did." she says gleefully.  "Remember we said how we wished they had just kept them - so we wouldn't lose them??"

At that time all conversation ceased, and I hurried back home to look for my stinkin' tickets.  Yes I found them, but NEVER would have looked for them had she not mentioned them.  Now I'm wondering what I'm going to forget, rather than worrying about overpacking.  That's a clear signal that it is time to go have a glass of wine.  Or maybe a couple of margaritas.  That should help wash down the malaria medicine.  T

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Becky said...

Mary, where are the pole beans again? And what squash is the ever growng Italian we are NOT to pick? Dianne Walters-Butler