Sunday, August 16, 2009


AAHHHH - the summer of '72. We were the girls from Beaver Street - can you stand it ? Twinkle is the top left - I am next to her. We were living in Tahoe and doing whatever work we could find. Twinkle and I babysat for families for some local resorts - once we lost the kid . HEY!! it wasn't our fault ...that one had a history of running away !! Twinkle taught sailing - I would test her on the "How to Sail" manual on the way to the beach. We ran the regatta every Sunday at the yacht club......we would hoist the flags - blow the fog horn - start the races and then strip down to our bikinis and drink G and T's on the end of the pier until they started coming in. It was a GREAT summer ! We could never have imagined that 35 years later we would be completing her villa in Anguilla and planning our next great adventure...... to Africa. Life is Good !


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for the love of a house said...

OhMyGosh.... y'all are all so cute! Love the beer cans!!!