Saturday, August 29, 2009


Well, it has been a brutal few days - and we're still trying to figure out how to use the Mac in South Africa....but we are here.  Had a long day touring the Museum Africa,  markets, the government buildings in Pretoria and the long drive home.  I was the only one awake to spot the ostriches along the road - but I know there will be more of that to come ......we did pick up a new friend - but I'm going to let Twinkle tell you about that.

Oh yea, my new friend is a 3' tall beaded rooster that will head to AXA from here.  Hope you all can see him one day.  The blogs may be sketchy til we figure out the computer.  T

Thursday, August 27, 2009


All the latest travel magazines talk about how airports have become more user friendly: translation: how to entertain travelers awaiting their delayed flights.  This is important, for all my life I have heard that when a Southerner dies, she has to go through Atlanta to get to heaven (and all Southerners go to heaven).  The 1996 Olympics helped transform the Atlanta airport to a bit more of a destination.  I'm counting on the World Cup 2010 in Jozi to do the same.

I had 41/2 hours to entertain myself in spite of the 45 minute delay from Montgomery.  There is only ONE nice restaurant.  I managed to belly up to the bar.  Their fancy margarita was delicious, though the price kept me from overdosing.  I decided on the pork belly, which is quickly becoming THE THING to order.  All in all it was great, but left me 3 hours to twiddle my thumbs, hence this unplanned addition to the blog.

Mary is already in Jozi.  I have a 15 hour flight ahead of me - in coach.  I do envy her.

Don't worry, the blog will become fascinating once we're writing from Africa.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

OH THE PACKING....... and repacking

So I'm calling Mary to see what she has put into her bag.  She's at a standstill as I am.  But at least she has her passport, complete with extra pages, but needs to find her tickets.
"Tickets?"  I say.  "Mine are electronic."
"No" she says, "The intra-Africa tickets they mailed us back in March"
"HUH???" I utter, "I didn't get no stinkin' tickets"
"Yea, you did." she says gleefully.  "Remember we said how we wished they had just kept them - so we wouldn't lose them??"

At that time all conversation ceased, and I hurried back home to look for my stinkin' tickets.  Yes I found them, but NEVER would have looked for them had she not mentioned them.  Now I'm wondering what I'm going to forget, rather than worrying about overpacking.  That's a clear signal that it is time to go have a glass of wine.  Or maybe a couple of margaritas.  That should help wash down the malaria medicine.  T

Sunday, August 16, 2009


AAHHHH - the summer of '72. We were the girls from Beaver Street - can you stand it ? Twinkle is the top left - I am next to her. We were living in Tahoe and doing whatever work we could find. Twinkle and I babysat for families for some local resorts - once we lost the kid . HEY!! it wasn't our fault ...that one had a history of running away !! Twinkle taught sailing - I would test her on the "How to Sail" manual on the way to the beach. We ran the regatta every Sunday at the yacht club......we would hoist the flags - blow the fog horn - start the races and then strip down to our bikinis and drink G and T's on the end of the pier until they started coming in. It was a GREAT summer ! We could never have imagined that 35 years later we would be completing her villa in Anguilla and planning our next great adventure...... to Africa. Life is Good !



It all began with Carrolle (not pictured). She planted a bug in our ears to accompany her on a bi-annual trip to South Africa. In this photo - while enjoying the sunset and post sunset required libations at Elvis's bar in Anguilla, we began to ruminate over the possibility of such a trip. Now this is no ordinary trip, but one full of history, art, food, wine, waterfalls, lions, and tigers, and elephants; OH MY! That was three years and several ailments ago. Yet here we are trying to organize the packing, trying to figure out when to start our Malaria prophylaxes, trying to find any extra hidden cash, trying to decide which lotions and potions to put in 3oz. bottles, trying to decide what we really don't need- hairdryer? I mean who will I run into that will see me again, deodorant? well it is winter time over there, vitamins? surely my body can do without for 3 weeks, face and eye cream? hmmm better keep that in.
All in all it is a daunting project. I'm in charge of photography so I have lots of electronics and equipment that will replace basic necessities.

Gotta run, but will return with more info on the packing which I usually leave 'til the morning of......