Thursday, August 27, 2009


All the latest travel magazines talk about how airports have become more user friendly: translation: how to entertain travelers awaiting their delayed flights.  This is important, for all my life I have heard that when a Southerner dies, she has to go through Atlanta to get to heaven (and all Southerners go to heaven).  The 1996 Olympics helped transform the Atlanta airport to a bit more of a destination.  I'm counting on the World Cup 2010 in Jozi to do the same.

I had 41/2 hours to entertain myself in spite of the 45 minute delay from Montgomery.  There is only ONE nice restaurant.  I managed to belly up to the bar.  Their fancy margarita was delicious, though the price kept me from overdosing.  I decided on the pork belly, which is quickly becoming THE THING to order.  All in all it was great, but left me 3 hours to twiddle my thumbs, hence this unplanned addition to the blog.

Mary is already in Jozi.  I have a 15 hour flight ahead of me - in coach.  I do envy her.

Don't worry, the blog will become fascinating once we're writing from Africa.


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