Sunday, August 16, 2009


It all began with Carrolle (not pictured). She planted a bug in our ears to accompany her on a bi-annual trip to South Africa. In this photo - while enjoying the sunset and post sunset required libations at Elvis's bar in Anguilla, we began to ruminate over the possibility of such a trip. Now this is no ordinary trip, but one full of history, art, food, wine, waterfalls, lions, and tigers, and elephants; OH MY! That was three years and several ailments ago. Yet here we are trying to organize the packing, trying to figure out when to start our Malaria prophylaxes, trying to find any extra hidden cash, trying to decide which lotions and potions to put in 3oz. bottles, trying to decide what we really don't need- hairdryer? I mean who will I run into that will see me again, deodorant? well it is winter time over there, vitamins? surely my body can do without for 3 weeks, face and eye cream? hmmm better keep that in.
All in all it is a daunting project. I'm in charge of photography so I have lots of electronics and equipment that will replace basic necessities.

Gotta run, but will return with more info on the packing which I usually leave 'til the morning of......


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for the love of a house said...

Hi Twinkle! Can't wait to see your photos on the trip! Mary says you are a wonderful photog! I'm so excited for y'all!