Monday, September 14, 2009


We flew into Livingstone and had a short drive to our resort - The Zambezi Sun. It is so wonderful to have space around us and a safe area to walk around. I took some time relax and change clothes - Twinkle and Annie took a helicopter tour of the luggage went on a trip of its own so I needed some time to regroup. Upon return - Twinkle and I went for a long, long walk - all along the great Victoria Falls

No comments needed.
( Pics are so slow in coming - may have to wait)


3 of these are picture of the falls late in the day, against the sun. please note that they feel that the falls are empty, having had no rain since March. but I realize that there is plenty of water for me, plus when the falls are this low, you can see the falls. Otherwise it's all mist. the aerial view gives you an idea of the pattern of the river flow. It is very hazy there because of the dryness, so these pics could use some photoshopping.

the 3rd picture is the Zambesi Sun resort. Such a great place to explore, and just steps from the Falls. But you have to watch out for the baboons, they'll snatch anything.


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