Friday, September 4, 2009


After a night in a wonderful hotel in Graskopf we "hit the road" . Everyday brings a new lesson - in this case about four.......expect the unexpected, pack a snack and don't bring your good luggage were among a few. We roll with it.

a quick petro stop and some fruit and the absolute BEST avocados ever take us through to dinner.

no words needed

how wonderful are these ladies - obviously very used to having their photo taken. They are selling freshly roasted macadamia nuts . YUM

We have seen so many wonderful South African women like this - carrying the babies on their backs with baskets of food etc on their heads. Unfortunately the bus is moving too fast to get many photos

This was our favorite and when Twinkle has time and can enlarge this you will see that on the side it says " BAR - BER SHOP" and there is a little guy in there getting his haircut. These are all along the lady was sewing on an old Singer .....most are getting shaves, haircuts, braids or car washes.

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