Friday, September 11, 2009


Well, we’ve just finished our stay in Cape Town without writing a word on the blog. Same ole, same ole…. problems getting online and very little free time.

We arrive Cape Town to find it too windy to go on the gondola up to Table Mountain. So instead we toured the area til we could check into the hotel. The placed we stayed was on Bantry Bay, a Protea hotel that was quite nice. We walked down the street the beach to see waves that averaged 10 feet. And this is during the calm springtime!

As I think I noted earlier, the next day was to be Robben Island, but still too windy. Instead we went to the Botanical Gardens. It’s a HUGE park under the mountains that made us want to stay and picnic there. Then it was over to the waterfront, the Victoria and Alfred. That is an area that has lots of shops and eateries. As always, there are lot of boats that make it fun to watch the goings on. Diiner was out to a price-fixe, which ended up quite good. There were entertainers that sang and danced their native songs along with the local food. None of the waiters, singers, or dancers at any of the restaurants were from South Africa, instead from every other African country.

Thursday was spent going to Cape Point. It is a National Park at the Cape of Good Hope where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet . . . . . well supposed to meet. It’s actually a few kilometers down the road. It was a “cool” feeling knowing that one was standing at the cape. We climbed up to the lighthouse for some much needed exercise, then had to avoid the baboons. They are quite clever and can beat you into your car once you unlock it! They have workers that spend all day chasing them from the parking lot.

Further down the coast we visited the African penguins. They are small like those in the Galapolas, I guess cuz they don’t need to stay warm. Anyway, we got up close and personal so I should have some good photos. The road down to that area was beautiful interspersed with quaint seaside towns. We finally stopped for lunch at 3:30, and you’ve never seen so many people run to find a bite to eat.



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for the love of a house said...

This is all so wonderful! Love all the blog posts and all the photos! I really like seeing the several panoramic shots you've included, as it gives us a better sense of the whole of your surroundings, and all that you are seeing! I request more of those!!
Hope y'all are having a Fabulous time!